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Semi-Permanent Eyebrows by Elaine Stewart

It’s true that good eyebrows can transform a face, but who wants the stress of plucking, filling in and stressing over their eyebrows in the morning? Fuller eyebrows are a trend right now that many of us with sparser brows can only dream of getting right. If you wish your brows were more defined, are too busy to be bothered applying makeup or happen to be a keen sports player, semi-permanent makeup is a great solution for you. It is entirely waterproof so even when at the gym, in the pool, or running to catch your train in the morning, you’ll still be looking your best!

The semi-permanent eyebrow treatment is a popular procedure that gives natural-looking results. Done by a trained professional, the effect will have you looking like you’ve just stepped out of the makeup salon every single day. There are three steps to the getting semi-permanent eyebrows and all three steps are essential and included in the price of treatment. With semi-permanent eyebrows there is no need to apply makeup as your eyebrows will already be defined and luscious-looking day after day.

What exactly happens during semi-permanent eyebrow treatment?

Step One: Consultation and Patch Test

A patch test is done just to ensure that you aren’t allergic to the pigment or the anaesthetic that is being used during the treatment. The beauty therapist will find the correct pigment to match your hair colour and make a drawing of the desired brow shape to ensure we get a result that you will love.

Step Two: The Treatment

The treatment takes around two hours. This might sound like a long time but it’s necessary to get the great results you’re looking for. During the treatment, you are given an anaesthetic to minimise discomfort during the treatment. After anaesthetic, the pigment is applied using very fine, sterile needles. These needles are used to make very precise hair strokes in order to accurately create the eyebrow-look that you want. If you are afraid of needles, don’t worry: the anaesthetic means you shouldn’t feel a thing and your beauty therapist will be there to put you at ease. It’ll all be over before you know it!

Step Three: The Top Up

You have your top-up treatment between four to eight weeks after the initial appointment. By this time, the colour applied during your treatment will have faded. However, this is to be expected and is nothing to worry about. The top-up will even out your brows and reinforce the pigment to establish the finished colour and look of your eyebrows.

Where to get semi-permanent eyebrows?

At Elaine Stewart, we pride ourselves in our caring approach to beauty treatments and our staff are all very friendly and passionate about what they do. We treat each client as an individual and work with them to achieve the end-look that they desire. We offer reasonable prices for our semi-permanent makeup services, so contact us to discuss our semi-permanent makeup treatments or to book an appointment today.

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