A touch of the city in the heart of Wigan town centre. Our cutting edge salon has been established since 1993. We are proud to say we are a team of highly trained, skilled professionals. This along with our passion and enthusiasm ensures customer loyalty. We are proud to be one of the best salons in Wigan.

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Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty
18 - 20 Library St

Telephone: 01942 323003
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Finding the Right Wig for You

At Elaine Stewart Hair and Beauty, we are more than your average hairdressers. We understand how important our hair can be to our identity. It can be traumatic when suffering hair loss, whether due to cancer, aging, or other conditions of alopecia. For men and women alike, we are able to discuss and emphasize with you in order to support your journey back to regaining any lost confidence and self-esteem, so you can get back to being you.

We have been established since 1993, and based in Wigan town centre at Library Street since 2016. We are a fun and friendly team of fully trained professional hairdressers, and we put passion, heart and northern soul into everything we do. It’s really important to us that our customers are satisfied, so we devote ample time and attention to everyone who walks through our doors. We offer a range of hair services, including our wig and hairpieces range, and a variety of beauty and holistic treatments that can be viewed on our website.

Understanding Your Needs

Many of us at Elaine Stewart have loved ones who have suffered from cancer. The statistics on the overwhelming number of people who are diagnosed with cancer speak for themselves, but it is a different story when it comes to it becoming part of your life’s narrative. At Elaine Stewart, we hope to alleviate at least one of the concerns when it comes to dealing with this illness. We also have a private consulting room at your request, so you can speak to us in confidence without fear. Our hairpieces for ladies and men can make a big difference to your wellbeing when dealing with hair loss, giving you a much needed confidence boost with our range of modern styles suited to your personality and tastes.

Working Together

We have worked in partnership with My New Hair, a new initiative by Trevor Sorbie, in order to be fully trained in dealing with the emotional side of hair loss, as well as learning practical techniques for styling wigs, and advising customers on scalp treatments where possible. With every day, we learn through experience and connecting with this organisation. We also work with the NHS as official wig suppliers for NHS Wigan Christie. Will fill a gap for people who often don’t know where to turn when experiencing hair loss, whether as a side effect to chemotherapy, or a symptom of a particular medical condition.

About Our Wigs

The wigs we stock are made from Trendco, which are high-quality wigs made from both synthetic and human hair pieces. There are a wide array of styles and colours, as well as clip-in fringes and ponytails. All our hairpieces for ladies and men are fashionable and stylish, and many would enjoy to wear our wigs regardless of need. As NHS suppliers, we are able to accept prescriptions with the name Trendco when you come in person, so speak to your local NHS provider about this service. With prices starting at just £10, you may choose to have a variety of wigs for an added element of fun. In some cases, it’s possible to dye the hair of the wig, so we’re able to offer your dream hairstyle.

After Care

When you buy your wig, we can also provide you with an aftercare pack. This contains all the essential items you will need to care and maintain the quality of your wig. For a hassle-free option we also offer a professional wig cleaning service, which takes as little as 48 hours to have your wig looking completely refreshed.

“I don’t like wigs.”

We understand that wigs aren’t for everyone. For whatever reason, if you don’t want a wig and are wondering what other options there are for head adornment to give you that confidence boost when dealing with hair loss. For you we also stock a bandana collection, which are a great alternative to a wig and come in a range of styles, lengths, and colours. There are also different materials, so you can select a more lightweight option for summer, and a thicker option for the winter months.

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If you would like to discuss anything with us, or arrange a consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We are based in Wigan, so feel free to drop in or give us an email info@elainestewart.co.uk at or call  01942 323003 if you prefer.

About Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty

Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty is a salon located in Wigan Town centre. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to hair and beauty providing the best head to toe hair and beauty treatments, using leading product brands, listening to what you really want to achieve and giving experienced and professional advice