A touch of the city in the heart of Wigan town centre. Our cutting edge salon has been established since 1993. We are proud to say we are a team of highly trained, skilled professionals. This along with our passion and enthusiasm ensures customer loyalty. We are proud to be one of the best salons in Wigan.

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Treat Yourself This Christmas at Elaine Stewart

Christmas is not only the season of giving to others, but also for giving to yourself. Whether thinking of giving a treat to yourself or someone else (or both), do you really need another ‘thing’ to unwrap? The biggest luxury to unwrap this holiday is some “me time”. At Elaine Stewart, not only are we one of Wigan’s most-loved hairdressers, but we also offer a wide range of beauty treatments.

Here we offer treatments from tip to toe, with treatments for nails, face, and the whole body. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we offer special 15 minute samples, where you can get a small taster of between one and three treatments for just £10-30 respectively. Our full service for Shellac nails costs as little as £25. Reiki is £25 for half an hour, and just £35 for a full hour. For more prices, get in contact with us.

Shellac Nails

Not only do nail services offer you some time to unwind and give you time to pause away from your busy day-to-day activities, but it’s also something that lasts beyond the salon doors. CND Shellac nails last for precisely 14 days, and give a lovely glossy shine in a colour of your choice, including a French manicure look, or a sparkly glitter look. Unlike other manicures using false nails, this offers a semi-permanent gel polish without damaging your nails underneath. If there is any time of year to treat yourself to this luxurious nail treatment, it is the festive period. Make sure to book your appointment in time for all those Christmas parties, so you can show off your nails before it comes to picking open present wrapping!


To feel truly rejuvenated, book yourself in for our microdermabrasion treatment, now featuring diamond tip technology, available in a range of sizes to suit skin type. Sensitive souls need not worry, with the ability to be extra-gentle on skin that is prone to reaction. Dead, damaged skin and uneven pigments are removed, encouraging new healthy cells to produce. Collagen and elastin levels should increase, resulting in less fine lines and wrinkles. Ultrasound can also be used to the same effect, making use of vibrations and gentle heat to tone and tighten the skin. Thermotherapy offers extra relaxation, with its warmth improving circulation and stimulating new cells. Lastly, cryotherapy is applied at the end of the treatment, where the cool sensation seals your pores, calming any redness that has come out as a result of the treatment as a whole.

Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate indulgence is a massage, and at Elaine Stewart, we offer hot massage therapy treatments that have far-reaching benefits. These include a better circulation of blood around your body, stimulation of muscles, and an improvement of mobility and flexibility. Not only that, but this holistic experience also means you will be able to de-stress, being able to fully relax. It is truly the perfect treatment for your body, mind, and soul – the ideal way to prepare for winding down to the holidays. The treatment combines massage techniques with the use of thermotherapy (or heat therapy), with flat river stones heated to 125-135 degrees. It may sound like a lot, but your body soon becomes accustomed to the feel, where it is able to penetrate deep into your muscles, and leave you with a warm glow as you go throughout your day.

Reiki Treatments

A lot of people may have heard of Reiki, but you may not fully know what a treatment actually entails. It is traditionally a Japanese healing treatment, with the word translating to mean ‘Universal Life Energy’ in English. It is thought to enhance the flow of energy within the body – an energy that we are all scientifically born with – to promote health and healing. The body can naturally heal from some things, and this therapy seeks to increase that natural ability. The treatment is performed with you fully clothes, and the therapist uses their hands to channel your energy. It can be focused on particular body parts, but should be used mindfully, and used in addition to, not in place of, medical treatments where available. For those suffering from serious illness, where traditional methods have not been able to help, it may offer a kind of spiritual healing, if not physical.


If you’re interested in finding out more about our treatments that have been described here, why not pop in to find out more? Located in the town centre of Wigan, we are able to offer excellent customers service and will be happy to talk to you about your needs. Alternatively, use our contact form to get in touch, email us on info@elainestewart.co.uk, or call us on 01942 323003.

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Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty is a salon located in Wigan Town centre. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to hair and beauty providing the best head to toe hair and beauty treatments, using leading product brands, listening to what you really want to achieve and giving experienced and professional advice