A touch of the city in the heart of Wigan town centre. Our cutting edge salon has been established since 1993. We are proud to say we are a team of highly trained, skilled professionals. This along with our passion and enthusiasm ensures customer loyalty. We are proud to be one of the best salons in Wigan.

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Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty
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The 3 C’s I believe are the cornerstone of a successful hairdressing business. This simple  philosphopy has ensured our continued success.It has helped us to build an extensive client base and leaves us  with a legacy of satisfied and returning  customers.

There are many different  beauty treatments that you can have in the  pursuit of a more youthful look. Many of these are costly, involve surgery and are not  always effective. I firmly believe that a change of hairstyle is quick, easy and has immediate impact. 


We've banned the basin!

There is no one size fits all cut in our salon.

Our stylists will take many factors into consideration; the texture of your hair, your bone structure, the clothes you like to wear and probably most importantly your lifestyle

This will vary from length to length and should be cut to suit the individual. Hair should be cut into shape, not forced. Suitability is as important as the cut.

Even after you've found a style you''re happy with, we like to evaluate it with you, to refine it  and make minor adjustments.


According to Colouring experts the biggest blunders that are made in hair colours are:

1. In attempting to cover grey go for  a block colour that is one dimensional and often too dark.

2. Choose the wrong shade of blonde.

Colour should be used to define shape as well as emphasise and strengthen your haircut. The  shine will be enhanced by adding semi permanent colours, leaving your hair healthy and natural looking.


Haircare has now become as high-tech as skincare. Gone are the days of just taking one bottle in to the shower.

It is not only the cut and colour of your hair that needs attention but it is imperitive to keep the hair in great condition. Dry and frazzled hair does no one any favours. 

We use and recommend Redken products in the salon and these are available to buy.

In addition we have a range of salon based treatments for intensive care and intensive treats. The latter I firmly believe in. As I've said on the home page your hair is your best accessory.   

 A combination of regular cuts and treatments to remove the grime of modern life; excessive mechanical and chemical damage.


I know it says the 3 Cs: CUT, COLOUR, CONDITION but I felt that there is another C that anyone reading our website might consider as important in choosing a salon.

Consultation. Prior to any cut, colour, treatment, blow dry your stylist will always talk to you about what you want to achieve. They will take into account the factors described above and they will offer advice on what they think will  be the best solution. They want to ensure that you're happy and confident with the work that they are doing.It is essential that you can manage the style and replicate the results once you have left the building.

Mon,Tues, Weds : 9am - 5 pm Thurs, Fri : 9 am -  8 pmSat : 8.30 am-5 pm

Contact us at Elaine Stewart Hair and Beauty
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About Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty

Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty is a salon located in Wigan Town centre. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to hair and beauty providing the best head to toe hair and beauty treatments, using leading product brands, listening to what you really want to achieve and giving experienced and professional advice