A touch of the city in the heart of Wigan town centre. Our cutting edge salon has been established since 1993. We are proud to say we are a team of highly trained, skilled professionals. This along with our passion and enthusiasm ensures customer loyalty. We are proud to be one of the best salons in Wigan.

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Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty
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Hair Products

At Elaine Stewart we use the following companies

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We use the excellent Redken 5th Avenue professional ranges of hair care in our Salon.

Prior to the formation of Redken in 1960 the majority of the hair products on the market would give a shine to hair but  very little care.Redken base their products on the science of hair. They acknowledge the fact that hair is a living  protein based  substance and absorb proteins. Their hair care range is protein based and addresses this fact. They contain ingredients that work to transform your hairs''  inner structure , whilst improving its'' outer appearance. They treat the long term condition, not just camouflage the damage. Condition is very much key to what we believe at Elaine Stewarts.



A revolution in the hairdressing industry is born. First there was coloring, styling, curling and cutting. Now Balmain Hair introduces Hair+: professional solutions for everyday clients with everyday hair problems. Many women cope daily with hair challenges such as fine ends or thinning hair. Beautiful voluminous healthy shiny hair seems to be unreachable. Thanks to Balmain Hair these women can get any desired look with the Hair+ program! Hair+ provides solution services to common hair problems, to really solve these problems. Both stylist and clients are no longer limited. With the Hair+ services beautiful hair is accessible for everyone, not just the happy few!

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American Crew:  A range of products specifically for the boys. No pink bottles or fluffy names. This range of hair products recognises the fact that men are passionate and committed to grooming. They aim to provide a great experience and offer some innovative ways to incorporate style into their everyday lives. We know that men are concerned about their appearance and want to look their very best. At Elaine Stewart’s we want to help you do that.

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In addition to using GHD hair straighteners in the salon  you can also buy them from us. They really are the Rolls Royce of hair staightening, especially suitable for the home user.

Not only do they staighten hair. With a little pratcice the following can also be created ;tight curls, flicks and waves. They are also useful for use with short hair, men''s hair and fringes.  The GHD''s arrive with an instruction dvd, however if you ask in the salon we''ll show you a few tricks to use them .

For the forgetful amongst us, there are many in here that have done so,  the GHD IV turns off after 30 minutes.


Davine's Vegan Friendly Hair Products

Davines hair care product range – established in Italy in 1983 by the Bollati family – is ideal for those who are conscious of their daily impact on the environment through their consumption of everyday products. With sustainability at the core of their brand’s ethos, you can rest assured that you’re using natural products that have the lowest possible effect on the world around you.

Davines themselves say “by creating beauty sustainably, we encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live & work, of the things they love”. Free from nasty parabens, sulphates and potentially harmful chemicals, when using Davines vegan friendly hair products at Elaine Stewart, we are confident that we’re creating hairstyles with a conscience.

The Davines range of products – whether it’s shampoos, conditioners or deep hair treatments – are tailored to individual hair qualities and types, meaning that you’ll target on an individual basis to get the best results. Given the natural essence of the Davines hair care range, you will also benefit from the delightful scents and aromas coming to life upon usage – from orange blossom to refreshing green notes.

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About Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty

Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty is a salon located in Wigan Town centre. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to hair and beauty providing the best head to toe hair and beauty treatments, using leading product brands, listening to what you really want to achieve and giving experienced and professional advice