A touch of the city in the heart of Wigan town centre. Our cutting edge salon has been established since 1993. We are proud to say we are a team of highly trained, skilled professionals. This along with our passion and enthusiasm ensures customer loyalty. We are proud to be one of the best salons in Wigan.

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Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty
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Shellac Nails
Shellac Nails
  • ​On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • Off in minutes

These are the original power polish. They will last for 14 days giving a glorious high gloss shine. Shellac is a semi permanent gel polish. There is no damage to natural nails.

We have chosen CND Shellac Treatments as we have a shared belief in a commitment  to excellence, we applaud the research and testing they do into their products.

From   £25 

French, glitter and lots of exciting colours to try.

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Hot Stone Therapy
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La Stone or hot stone massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular. Kay Burns once again creates a sensory haven for you to relax and unwind in peace and tranquillity. La Stone produces both sedative and energizing responses within the body creating a feeling of complete well being for the body, mind and soul. 

Hot stone massage combines the benefits of thermotherapy (heat therapy) with massage techniques, to create a deeply relaxing and healing treatment. Basalt is usually the stone of choice because it absorbs and retains heat better than other stone. The flat, river stones are warmed in water, in a special heater, to between 125 and 135 degrees. Some of the stones are  placed on strategic areas of the body to warm muscles ease pain and relax, whilst others are used for deep tissue massage.

The benefits of La Stone massage include:

improved circulation, working deep into muscles without any pain,imroving mobility and flexibility,de stressing and relaxing whilst producing an overall feeling of wellbeing :)

Reiki Treatments

1/2 hour Treatment


1 hour Treatment


For appointments or more information call Kay Burns 01942 323003


What is Reiki ?

Reiki is a Japanese natural healing method practiced worldwide. Reiki means Universal Life Energy .The treatment enhances the natural flow of this life energy to promote health and healing at all levels including mind, body and spirit, creating many beneficial effects. Reiki also enhances your natural gifts, increases your body’s healing abilities, and complements all other therapies. Many people experience a Reiki session as energizing, yet deeply relaxing. The energy can be felt in many different ways and no two Reiki sessions  will be exactly the same.This energy exists in all living things.

How Does Reiki Work?

The treatment is traditionally done similarly to the laying on of hands. The clothed patient is asked to lie down and relax. Then the practitioner acts as a channel  for Reiki energy, allowing Reiki energy to flow through the practitioner to wherever the patient’s body needs it. The Reiki energy is believed to have a form of intelligence, and “knows what to do”. Thus, if the recipient’s body needs it and is ready to he may use the Reiki energy for healing and the energy will flow to whatever part of the body requires it.

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Contact us at Elaine Stewart Hair and Beauty 18 - 20 Library Street, Wigan. 01942 323003 info@elainestewart.co.uk

About Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty

Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty is a salon located in Wigan Town centre. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to hair and beauty providing the best head to toe hair and beauty treatments, using leading product brands, listening to what you really want to achieve and giving experienced and professional advice